Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Online resources

Here you have a series of links to songs, stories and games for young students:

The Muffin Man.
EFL Playhouse: Songs for Young Learners

"Do Not Open" A rhymed story, easy to follow.
"Woodpecker Knocking" A sung story with repetition of "Knock, knock. Who's there" sentence.

Count for Fun. A simple activity useful for practising oral and written forms of birds, fish, bees, flowers, beetles and grasshoppers.
Count the Couloured Balloons. Similar to the previous one but this time with the language focus on colours.
Jigsaw puzzles. Not much English but entertaining as a treat for young children.

Other resources:
Pictures to print and make a picture alphabet freeze or booklet.
Jokes for older students to try and get the punchline.

Source: Might Books, free resources.