Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Getting printable worksheets

Here you have a couple of websites which offer printables for the English class (although not for free!):

Magic vocabulary. You are requested to pay for a subscription but the home webpage allows you to test this tool by creating samples of activities with the vocabulary you want your students to practise.

ESL printables. Worksheets here are not given for free either but this time the price consists of sharing a printable. For each printable you upload, you get permission to download ten.


  1. I know one website which has some printable acitivity on english grammer.
    It may help you!

  2. Thanks for the link

  3. This is also a great website http://www.primaryleapfrog.com

  4. Printable coloring pages are the great resource for kids and Kindergarten. You can have a coloring worksheet at http://www.morecoloringapges.com