Friday, 29 February 2008

Downloading videos from Youtube

There are different options to save the Youtube videos that we might find interesting for their use in the classroom. These are two examples:
Using an online converter program, e.g.

1. Search for a video of your interest and copy the URL address.
2. Paste the URL address into the corresponding window on Video Convert X.
3. This website requests an email address. Once the video has been converted into an AVI file, for instance, they send you the address from where the file can be retreived to that email address.
4. Click on it with the right button of your mouse and select 'guardar destino'.

Using Real Player.

1. You can download the program from here and instal it into your computer.
2. Once the program is installed, enter Youtube and search for a video of your choice.
3. You should see a flap on the upper part of the video screen saying 'Download this video'.
4. Follow the instructions and save an .flv file in your computer.
5. Use a file converter online, such as Media-Convert, in case you need a different kind of video, e.g. avi, mpg...

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