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"Fractured fairy tales are traditional fairy tales, rearranged to create new plots with fundamentally different meanings or messages. Fractured fairy tales are closely related to fairy‐tale parodies, but the two serve different purposes: parodies mock individual tales and the genre as a whole; fractured fairy tales, with a reforming intent, seek to impart updated social and moral messages". Read full entry from this link.

Fractured fairy tales are usually funny and could be used in the English classroom for different purposes, especially with older students in Primary. Although the text difficulty level might be too high, the context is familiar and that helps understanding. Further activities could focus on comparison with the traditional tale or the creation of alternative scenes or endings.

This is an example on video:

And this site contains a collection of written versions.

The following presentation (source gives some basic hints for producing new version of fairy tales:

Fractured Fairytale
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