Monday, 23 March 2009

Some useful websites to work on the universe

These are some links to websites with useful resources for classes working on the universe as a topic in their English coursebooks or through projects in a CLIL approach.

- NASA for Students offers a wide range of materials sorted out according to school grades or levels. Each set contains stories, interactive activities, videos, glossaries...

- Solar System Planets are introduced in size order in a video presentation. Its author adds an imaginary planet, Tamen, and explains the impossibility of its dimeensions in the written information provided in YouTube.

- Amazing Space website's section Tonight's Sky uses images taken by Hubble Space Telescope to explain what can be seen in the night sky each month.

- Some other links and information can be found in this other blog, created some years ago to help teachers with the implementation of The Universe Unit in INEBI pilot scheme.

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