Monday, 8 April 2013

"eTwinning Tourists in 5 star hotels" project

eTwinning tourists in 5 star hotels is a project carried out by schools from three countries. Students are organised in five teams of mixed nationality pupils and work on EFL and CLIL contents through a set of activities. This is an outline of the process:

- Each team is the staff of a hotel chain.
- The teachers are the inspectors and propose games, tasks and activities along the year. These activities are awarded with stars. The hotel chain (team) that first gets 5 stars for their hotels is the winner.
- Each team designs a brochure for their hotels.
- Each child makes a puppet, which will be their tourist. “The tourists” will look at the brochures and make a room reservation. Then the tourists (puppets) are posted out to visit the other countries.
- Each hotel chain makes a picture show of the tourists’ visit and gives them a souvenir to take home after their travels.
- The project ends with a virtual party (on Skype) where the winners will be announced.

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